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Perhaps a little emo even for my taste~ February 9, 2010

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But it flows quite well. And was the perfect represtentation of how I was feeling at the time. =3

It doesn’t have a name – perhaps you might have a suggestion? =) And feel free to rate it, critique, all that jazz really – same with anything else I put up.

Bitter oblivion,

Comfort me now

When my ignorance is all but lost.

Though I scream as loud as I dare to cry,

I know no sound comes out.

Yeah. I wrote quite a few other short poems around that time, including the one below. I was studying Macbeth at the time.. =/

The time of the night is coming sister

And with it a magic spell.

Wait for the specialy moment when

All have gone to hell.


In other news, Tuesday has become the new Monday!

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I was so tired by the time I reached the end of my chemistry lesson today – I was literally falling asleep.. =)

But I must go on! I have seven homeworks or something like that to be getting on with~ Dx

So I’ll probably just post an old poem, and head off to do some work~

I hope you’ve all had a quieter day than me. =)


Well hello I guess! February 7, 2010

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Hai everyone!

I’m Cyan. Welcome to my blog!  I guess you’re possibly/hopefully wondering why yet another idiot has decided to create her own blog – so I’ll put you out of your misery as best I can!

I decided I’d really like somewhere to share my photographs, poems, general thoughts – all of that.. plus I’ve always thought it looked like a really fun thing to do! And a good place to rant so as to avoid yet another argument with the parents. xD;

So yeah. Please do say hello! I’m very friendly and (I like to think) a little less weird than I seem now.

– Cyan