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Why it’s a good idea to do work on the day it’s set. :o May 2, 2010

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I know, who does that? Gives the impression that you might even ~enjoy doing your homework!
It does have its advantages though: peace of mind, free time and generally better grades at the end of it.

So since it’s Bank Holiday Monday tomorrow, I’m giving catching up on my work another go. If I succeed, it will be the first time in um.. slightly over a year (yes I managed to be behind on work in my summer holiday too don’t ask how!)
So. I’ve written a to-do list.
Works out at about 10 hours. ^_^;
But y’know that’s cool, if I do it over two days.. that’s 5 hours work a day! Leaving me plenty of time to waste on the internet + wii no?

Well I guess I’d best get started!