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Now where has she gone? February 15, 2010

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^-^; I feel terrible.. I must have disappeared for almost a week.

I’ve been drowning in school work recently.. but it’s half term now thankfully!

On Saturday,  I went to Newbury Races for my friend’s birthday party. It was much more fun than I was expecting, since I’m not really a horse-y person.. I’ve now been introduced to gambling. xD And it’s addictive~ 0:-)


2 Responses to “Now where has she gone?”

  1. xD You should have seen my friend, she was talking about how much the horses’ heads were bobbing, and whether they were energetic but under control.. and getting really carried away. Especially since I don’t think she’s ever ridden..
    She ‘won’ £40 and had lost it all by the end of the day~

  2. Red Says:

    Uh oh. She’s developing a gambling problem xD

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