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Perhaps a little emo even for my taste~ February 9, 2010

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But it flows quite well. And was the perfect represtentation of how I was feeling at the time. =3

It doesn’t have a name – perhaps you might have a suggestion? =) And feel free to rate it, critique, all that jazz really – same with anything else I put up.

Bitter oblivion,

Comfort me now

When my ignorance is all but lost.

Though I scream as loud as I dare to cry,

I know no sound comes out.

Yeah. I wrote quite a few other short poems around that time, including the one below. I was studying Macbeth at the time.. =/

The time of the night is coming sister

And with it a magic spell.

Wait for the specialy moment when

All have gone to hell.


6 Responses to “Perhaps a little emo even for my taste~”

  1. ^-^ Thanks~ Maybe it’s bad to say this, but I quite like it too.. ._____.;

  2. Nic Says:

    I really like them especially the top one :^D

  3. ^-^ Hi Skye~!
    =) Thank you.

    I guess they’ll just have to remain nameless~

  4. Red Says:

    -is Skye- (:
    I really like both of them (: But I’m not so hot with names myself. :/

  5. slpmartin Says:

    I rather like these two short poems…no suggestions for names…but love the ending of the second poem.

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