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The Castle February 8, 2010

Filed under: Poetry — Cyan @ 7:28 pm

Well I said I was going to post some poetry here, so here I go~ =)

This is a poem I wrote.. kind of directed at me. While I was revising for an exam of some kind. xD; I start thinking when I get bored I guess?

Anyway, the poem doesn’t really have a name, so suggestions are welcome? ^-^;

Do not despair little one,

I am here now and as the day ends

let me be your castle.

Together we can shut away the darkness

Pull the drawbridge up.

We can climb to the top of the very highest tower

and look up at the stars.

Wash away those tears my dear,

For as sure as the Sun will rise again

the World will be yours once more.

(c) vermillionsky

So let me know what you think!


5 Responses to “The Castle”

  1. onesocial Says:

    nice poem really like it!

  2. ^-^ Thank you~
    I tend to have months when writing suddenly becomes the only thing I want to do, but then suddenly I lose interest for half a year!

  3. Shauna Dacus Says:

    Cool poem! Like to hear more of those! I used to write a lot of poems, but they just take so much out of me.


  4. Car Says:

    thats a nice poem

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