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Well hello I guess! February 7, 2010

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Hai everyone!

I’m Cyan. Welcome to my blog!  I guess you’re possibly/hopefully wondering why yet another idiot has decided to create her own blog – so I’ll put you out of your misery as best I can!

I decided I’d really like somewhere to share my photographs, poems, general thoughts – all of that.. plus I’ve always thought it looked like a really fun thing to do! And a good place to rant so as to avoid yet another argument with the parents. xD;

So yeah. Please do say hello! I’m very friendly and (I like to think) a little less weird than I seem now.

– Cyan


7 Responses to “Well hello I guess!”

  1. =)Thanks~
    ^-^; I’m rather a keen arguer.. I can argue about the colour of something for long enough, so when someone gets me talking about a subject I actually care about.. xD

  2. Hey welcome to wordpress! the reason i started blogging was also to avoid arguments with people offline that don’t agree with you haha. and because I talk sooo much, it’s better not to bug your parents and siblings with it.
    I hope you have a kickass time blogging =)

  3. alice Says:

    hi! sounds like why i started blogging…but the way to advertise is start talking in the forum. people get curious…find one in off topic that sounds interesting and go for it. that’s what i did. though i warn you it’s not a lot of hits, but it’s better than nothing…but yeah. get in a fight or something or start a cool conversation. like i said people get courious. oh you can also go to other people’s blogs and comment. then they’ll go to yours too….well good luck!

  4. Thank you~! =)
    My poetry isn’t very good~ But I guess practice makes perfect. =b

  5. I’m an old doctor who writes physician bluegrass fiction. You’ll enjoy WordPress; it’s a cool community. I try to welcome the new folks when I run across them.

    Dr. B

  6. slpmartin Says:

    Welcome to blogging….I look forward to reading your poetry.

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