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A photo February 7, 2010

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Can you spot the person?

A photograph I took late last year. I really like the moon~

I used a 30 second shutter speed to get the ghost effect of the girl in the image, and the small aperture for the starburst effect with the Moon.

But I decided to blur out the name of the building, which detracts a little from the overall photograph possibly.


2 Responses to “A photo”

  1. Thanks!
    =) I just used a really slow shutterspeed and walked in front of the camera~ xD
    It’s good fun.
    I did something similar in a shopping centre the other week, I stood still at the bottom of some stairs, and then with everyone else moving~
    It was quite effective.

  2. Shauna Dacus Says:

    That is really cool! How did you get the “ghost girl” in the photo?

    very interesting!


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